Father, Musician, Artist, Hairstylist, Friend and Survivor!

I was born in Detroit and raised in Hallandale Fla.. It was there that I learned how to play the guitar and piano and soon began playing in local bands. Like most musicians over the years I'd played in quite a few bands and clubs until I got tired of playing covers of other Artists, that's when we started writing and recording our own music. In 1979 we signed our first recording contract with a major record label and by January 1980 we had a Top 20 record on the Billboard charts. We moved to New York where I got to see first hand how all that glitters is not Gold. Disillusioned I moved back to Florida, where I regrouped thanks to my Mother,  Father and Sister and prayed about my purpose in life only to be awakened the next morning with the thought "Do hair". On my way between doing this I met my future wife. We were married for 13 years and everything that happened during and after our marriage that made it possible to write this book.



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