My project is a book titled Shadow Dancing, by Gary Cooper it’s a book about my story and the stories of other men who's wives came out of the closet as Lesbians, and consequently left for the other woman.

This began after my wife of 13 years started a relationship (without my knowledge) with another Woman. I was totally blindsided, but as fate would have it, me being a very public person in our town, allowed other men in our town to feel comfortable enough to share their similar stories with me, as if to say, look man you are not the only one that has gone through this.

I searched and realized that there wasn't a single book out there, about what men go through when faced with their wife leaving them for another woman. One reason is men never talk about hurt and pain. They definitely don't talk about their wives leaving them for another woman and how it impacts their lives. So, I decided to write my story and the stories of other men and what happened to them, the part God played and how they came through it. We also explore why a woman would stay in the closet, why they choose to stay in, why they come out and many other topics on this issue.

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